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Envelope Addressing Instructions:

  1. Addressing Services are available for Outer envelopes and/or Inner envelopes, RSVP, Save the Date, etc.  
  2. Addresses and Names are printed in flat black ink.  
  3. Download our Sample Template to populate with your guest list information. There is a maximum of 40 characters per line. 
  4. You may also upload your own excel (.xls) file. The first row may contain column headings.  
  5. Each row represents one (1) envelope you are addressing. Guest and address information is entered left to right.  Each Column in the excel file represents a separate line in the address 
  6. Addresses Services may not be available on certain envelopes.  
  7. If at any time you have questions in preparing your spreadsheet, call 901-570-0345 or email
  8. Please order at least 10% extra envelopes

Example for Setting up your spreadsheet:

Outer and Inner Envelope Addressing using the Excel template:

Outer                                                                                  Inner

Important Note: We are not responsible for any spelling or typing errors on your spreadsheet. Addresses will be printed exactly as typed. If revisions to the spreadsheet are necessary to create "post office ready" addresses, you will be informed and have the option of correcting and re-submitting, or asking us to make corrections for a fee of $25.00.

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